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At Hadford Defence Group, our legal advice and representation include all criminal defence matters. We offer 24/7 personalized service to clients across Southern Alberta, against the following criminal cases.


Sexual assault occurs when someone engages in contact of a sexual nature without the consent of another person. This could involve force, the threat of force, or violence. Our experienced sexual assault lawyers will help you defend your rights and ensure justice is served.

Sexual assault


If you have been charged with the possession of drugs such as marijuana, hashish, cocaine, heroin, GHB, ecstasy (MDMA), magic mushrooms, ketamine, Fentanyl and Methamphetamine we can help. At Hadford Defence Group, we offer legal advice and representation for all drug crimes. Speak to a member of our team now to know more. We are available 24/7.

Drug crimes


If you are looking for a criminal appeal lawyer to launch an appeal of a criminal court decision, we are here for you. Our criminal appeal lawyers have argued several appeals in the court. We can help you in any criminal prosecution. We also have extensive experience with applications for bail pending appeal.

Criminal appeals


Allegations of murder or manslaughter are extremely serious. Homicide offences, first-degree murder, second-degree murder and manslaughter can lead to jail sentences and life in prison. Our lawyers will work vigorously to defend against murder charges, manslaughter and attempted murder charges.

Murder or manslaughter


Robbery involves theft or an attempt of theft, with violence, this is a serious offence and can lead to jail term and sentences. Our lawyers have years of experience in defending robbery cases. We will attempt to secure your release and to ensure a less restrictive set of bail conditions. Call us now for a free consultation.



Breaking and entering are serious offences that can lead to life imprisonment. If you are facing break and enter charges, contact our criminal defence lawyers. Our experienced break & enter and home invasion defence lawyers will defend your rights.

Break and enter


Shoplifting is both a common and minor criminal offence, however being found guilty of shoplifting impacts a person’s criminal record, future employment opportunities and travel plans. If you have been charged with theft or shoplifting, our criminal defence lawyers are here to help. We will ensure your criminal record and your reputation is protected through extensive legal services. Call us to get legal assistance now.



A fraud charge can have serious consequences. A criminal record will negatively affect your work, reputation and family. Our criminal lawyers have extensive experience defending fraud cases. Call now for a consultation to discuss your case.



If you are charged with a crime between the ages of 12-17, then the Youth Criminal Justice Act will be applied to your case. Dealing with the justice system can be difficult and challenging. When sentencing is given, it may be an ‘open’ or ‘closed’ custody sentencing, depending upon the severity of your charges. Our experienced lawyers can guide you through the process. Our team will guide you every step of the way and offer legal guidance and advice whenever required. Call us now.

Young offenders


Have you been charged with possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose? If you possess a dangerous weapon with the intent of shooting to cause harm and disturb public peace, you may be sentenced to up to 10 years. Contact our criminal lawyers now. We will determine your defence and offer trusted advice. In addition to offering firearm offence defence solutions, we also provide legal representation for a number of criminal cases, reach out to us to know more.


Being charged with uttering threats for threatening a person or a group of individuals indirectly, through messages or gestures, is a serious offence, but we are here to defend you. With years in the industry, we have handled several cases related to uttering threats. Contact us for a free consultation.

Firearms offences
Uttering threats


Under Canada's Criminal Code, there are a variety of mischief charges, the most prevalent of which is property damage. Intentional destruction or damage to property or interference with anyone's lawful use, consumption or operation of the property are all examples of intentional destruction.  As accomplished criminal defence lawyers, we have defended clients accused of mischief and other offences. Call us today.



If you need judicial interim release (bail), we can help you with it. We thoroughly inspect your case and offences in order to deploy the documents needed for the bail. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Judicial interim release/bail


There are times when a person in legal custody escapes, tries to escape, or does not comply with the terms of their release and is considered "unlawfully at large." Using the disclosures, we will review and assess the case for faults. We'll go through the accusations and possible defences together.

Unlawfully at large


If you have been charged with Dangerous Driving or any related criminal driving offences, an experienced legal team is important to your success.


We will do all in our power to ensure you get the most favourable outcome possible, given the specifics of your case.

Criminal driving offences


When someone is taken with the intention of confining them against their will, illegally transferring them outside of the country, or holding them for ransom, it is a crime under Canada's criminal code.


There is a narrow line between kidnapping and unlawful confinement. In order to be considered unlawfully confined, a person's freedom must be restricted in some way. If you've been charged with abduction or unlawful confinement, we are here to assist. We will examine your case in light of the allegations you are facing and present your case in court as and when required.

Kidnapping/unlawful confinement


Certain criminal convictions can make it impossible to travel to the United States. We work closely with clients with criminal records to obtain travel waivers to the United States so that you do not have to spend significant time and expense getting a (record suspension) pardon.

Travel waivers


At Hadford Defence Group, we offer the right legal advice and representation to build a strong case for you.

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